We'll be your guide to food packaging design

We help clients step-by-step through our food packaging design framework to launch beautiful and successful brands and products around the world.

Using our creative agency's proven methodology we will clarify, define, design, and launch beautiful and effective branding and packaging systems to achieve maximum results delivering peace of mind and confidence as you gain forward momentum for your brand.


Our Food packaging design checklist

Ensure your package:

• Breaks through the clutter
• Meets FDA and other food packaging regulations
• Values beauty & communication equally
• Drives results towards sales and growth
• Emotionally connects to your consumers
• Is rooted in brand strategy
• Establishes a clear packaging design architecture
• Uses a strong visual communication hierarchy
• Achieves effective design unique to your vision
• Considers budget and structure constraints


You make the snack, we make the pack.

our expertise becomes your expertise
  • Mfkookies cookie branding packaging design13
  • Ovello salami sonoma california branding food packaging design11
  • California olive oil branding packaging design 14
  • Copow meal delivery website branding packaging design 25
  • Mitica forever cheese branding packaging design29
  • Shirowhat ethiopian dip food branding package design6
  • Good snacks protein bar brand identity packaging design13

Packaging design matters

Did you know on average, consumers take only 90 seconds to make a purchasing decision in a grocery store. That’s 90 seconds or less that you have to influence or make a connection with them to buy your product, without standing next to them.

Other studies have shown that 69% of consumers have made an unplanned purchase based on attractive packaging design. We deliver beautiful packaging that proves itself with sales and growth.


Food packaging design is typically the first point of interaction between a consumer and a product in stores. Well-designed packaging can attract attention, creating a strong impact and building brand recognition which may influence buying decisions of your target consumers.

California olive oil branding packaging design 6

Packaging design can make a significant impact on your brand's success, sales, and growth. By investing in well-designed food packaging, brands establish stronger emotional connections early on and turn first-time consumers into loyal advocates. Let's get started.

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