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Nothing is sweeter than growth


Just Date is a doctor and women-led Bay Area company demystifying sugar through science-backed nutritional education and revolutionizing your pantry with a better sugar made from healthy, wholesome organic medjool dates.

Simplicity and natural wholesomeness are at the center of Just Date's mission, and our design and brand strategy to launch was centered around a simple and clear brand identity with arresting packaging design that boldly communicates what's inside each package, how you can use it, and the nutritional benefits, proving itself a healthier more delicious alternative to sugar.

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We delivered packaging design that is as simple as the ingredients inside each product, keeping the label minimal and typographic in order to visually grab attention and become what is now a very popular stand-out item in the sugar aisle. The utilitarian creative approach encourages shoppers to get creative with the sweetener in their kitchen, and supporting iconography explains the versatility and the possibilities.

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Sweet Success

Just Date has sold more than 250,000 bottles of their syrup to date and has quickly become a household name to many. The branding and packaging design stood out to retail buyers, leading to their acceptance into Whole Foods nationwide within several months of launching. Within the 2 years to follow, the brand built up its distribution to over 1,750 stores nationally, and were named Amazon's Choice for date syrup.

Just Date's products have been featured in Bon Appetit, New York Times, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. Their beautiful Instagram feed is also worth a visit, full of drool-worthy food photography and delicious recipes, and if that's not satisfying enough you can pick up a copy of The California Date Cookbook, a collaboration between Just Date & Rancho Meladuco Date Farm.

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  • "Working with Design Womb has been central to my brand’s quick success. Our branding stood out to retailers and consumers alike, leading to our acceptance to Whole Foods nationwide within several months of launching.

    Buyers consistently commented that they chose Just Date over competitors because of the design."

    Sylvie | Founder & CEO – Just Date
  • "Just Date grew to 1,750 stores within two years of business, and we now trust the team to help us launch 4 additional SKUs nationwide this year."

    Sylvie | Founder & CEO – Just Date
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