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When you find yourself in Whole Foods or a specialty grocer do you often look up and realize you’ve been walking the aisles in a dream like state for over an hour getting way too enthusiastic over a new beautiful package design you had to pick up?

Or how about realizing you’re on vacation in a store soaking up all the innovative delicious snacks or beauty products you can’t wait to try while you know you have someone waiting in the car for you?

Yeah, us too.
Welcome to Design Womb.

We are a 10 year old small, industry-leading full-service branding and packaging design agency that is woman-led and operated. We’re here to propel people & brands forward through the power of brand strategy and design, towards a better, beautiful life.

Keep reading if you are aligned with our top values:

• Autonomy
• Resourcefulness
• Fun
• Curiosity (Lifetime Learner)

We’re hiring a full-time branding, packaging, and illustrative designer

The best part? We’ve always been a remote-forward team serving clients across the country for 10+ years. While being local isn’t a requirement it is a big “nice to have” for us. We keep PST hours with some flexibility around how that would work if you are not on the west coast with us.

This is a salaried full time position. Compensation is based on experience. Vacation, benefits and perks are included.

*Position is for U.S. Applicants.
Freelancers may apply to our DW Talent Pool.

Let’s deliver big and have some fun while we do it.

At Design Womb there is no job too big or small for you, and you’re ready to roll up those sleeves to achieve results to help our clients and our studio succeed. We don’t hold you accountable simply for doing the work, but rather for the results you create for the agency, the client, and yourself. You bring collaborative and enthusiastic “go-get-um” strategic thinking and a positive mindset to the table.

For this position you will work directly on creative studio projects primarily focused on branding and packaging, where you will not only brainstorm and develop strategic design ideas and solutions, but prove and execute your concepts and ideas through your design experience, illustration skill set, and industry knowledge required for this position.

Your position may also include participating in brand strategy development, sourcing packaging, basic web design, and designing collateral, signage, or conceptualizing for interior spaces or environments.

You will work on projects for our existing or repeat clients that are seasoned professionals, or dive into exciting new brand launches with new clients in food, beauty, cannabis, wellness, or consumer CPG spaces that are built from the ground up for individuals and companies completely new to the game.

You might be challenged with a line extension design or an established brand’s update or redesign, where there’s a careful strategic solution between the old and the new to solve. We might also need you to dive into a quick smaller project or assist with a production job. You’ll be enthusiastic to develop projects and see your work produced and in stores. You’re okay with helping with the small stuff too, all egos checked at the door.

You will interact directly with our team of collaborators, vendors, and clients, but you will report directly to our CCO/Founder/Creative Director during internal reviews for client work, to ideate, develop and execute innovative & creative design with passion and always on time.

There may be times where we need you to work on internal projects as well, though not a primary focus of this role, the opportunities are likely to arise from time-to-time.


  • You value results and practicality. At the end of the day, as a designer it’s not always just about a “pretty design” to you, you realize clients are in business to make money and to sell products, so our beautiful design has to stand out and deliver results.
  • You have exceptional attention to detail.
  • You’re ready to jump in at any or all of the stages involved in taking an idea to market from the get-go. No egos, no hesitations. We’re a brand incubator that can take an idea to market through branding and design, so you have to be ready to cozy up with any step of the way.
  • You’re enthusiastic about the food, beauty, cannabis, and wellness spaces. The names Ollipop, Siete, Flamingo, Hu Kitchen, Sakara, or Forager don’t leave you totally puzzled and you know the meaning of a dieline or The Dieline in our industry without googling them.
  • You catch yourself nerding out about fonts and lettering, and know that subtle differences in different typefaces and letterform personalities make all the difference in your own work.
  • You want to grow and would excel as an in-house designer at a small and intimate growing agency (that’s also very successful) with growth opportunities. We’re looking for people that want to stick around and become part of the family, and help us grow new offerings as we scale. If you want to freelance next year, or even now than you might be better suited to join our contractor pool: DW Talent Pool Application
  • You 100% agree that communication is King/Queen. You aren’t shy, and can be clear and direct, ask questions, and even laugh a little. You don’t take yourself too seriously, and can take feedback and share it well. You have 0% beef or fear of working with vendors, teams, and clients directly, and you like making things happen.
  • You are organized. Following a file naming scheme, or flushed out process or system isn’t going to send you into a spiral, and you are detailed with your email and your schedules.
  • You are good at your own time management and meeting deadlines that you are comfortable setting on your own working with a team or a client. You have demonstrated the ability to prioritize and multi-task with ease and enthusiasm.
  • You are decisive, and can approach things with a subtle sense of urgency while remaining calm. You value the best solution over the easiest one and can work with discretion on confidential projects.
  • You can host a virtual video meeting, pick up your phone to knock out a problem, or lead a call like there’s no tomorrow. You know how to collaborate with excellent verbal and written communication skills both in person and digitally and completely comfortable doing it. We are a remote-forward agency. This is a non-negotiable.
  • You can work remotely or in person and remain productive in both scenarios, and you don’t have a problem with facilitating project work for clients that are spread across the country while working remotely with them.
  • You have great interpersonal skills, and strive off of establishing relationships and building rapport with teammates, clients, and vendors.
  • Dogs don’t freak you out.

Required Skills

  • Minimum 2-3 years of graphic design and/or packaging experience at a creative agency or studio, but it’s all about the work.
  • Brainstorming and developing creative directions, design strategy, and “big ideas.”
  • Branding, identity, logo design, and iconography.
  • Illustration or or other artistic illustrative skills, and experience digitizing this type of work.
  • Developing and delivering creative agency presentations (live or recorded).
  • Strong organizational, time management, and communication skills.
  • Ability to juggle multiple priorities at once, or shift gears and remain flexible as deadlines may change or changes come in.
  • Packaging design knowledge and CPG experience.
  • Selecting, sourcing, and discovering fonts with an excellent typographic eye and strong layout skills. Hand lettering skills are a bonus.
  • Hands on print production experience. You know what a dieline is and know how to work with one from start to finish and/or you have experience sending things to commercial printers.
  • You know what the different Pantone books are and use them frequently.
  • Very Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Illustrator and Photoshop, alongside other beneficial digital design tools such as iPad illustration skills, Procreate, etc.
  • Strong computer skills and general familiarity using tech and organizational tools we use in-house such as Basecamp, Dropbox, Google Drive/G Suite, Slack, Loom, etc.
  • Experience working in a creative agency or studio setting.
  • You aren’t afraid to speak up and ask questions.
  • The ability to facilitate your own work environment at a home office meaning you have the latest technology and equipment that will allow you to executing the skills in this job listing. Some perks included.
  • Leading or participating in internal and external meetings, either on the phone, a video conference, or in-person if applicable.
  • Collaborative team player mentality with go-getter/self-starter approach. Humble, flexible with feedback, but ultimately the ability to generate your own work, take ownership of things, and lead a project without a lot of hand holding is a must.

Preferred Skills

(but not required)

  • You live in California, San Francisco, the Bay Area, or are West Coast.
    (though not required!) - You must be located in the U.S.
  • Some experience sourcing packaging vendors or suppliers.
  • Website design or other digital experience (you may be doing some of this at times.)
  • Hand lettering or custom logotype design skills.
  • Art Direction of photography (planning and execution/on-set).
  • Photography or other related passions to design or the industries we work in.
  • Experience working with industry specific detailed nutritional fact panels, ingredient lists, certifications, or FDA, USDA, or TTB regulations.
  • Following these required guides and learning or reading up on regulations for packaging doesn’t scare you. (If you have very specific experience with these things, make sure you tell us, but it’s not required, though it will be a part of your role.)

How to Apply

Visit our job application link below to apply for Middleweight Branding & Packaging Designer.


No recruiters. Have your portfolio URL, LinkedIn URL, resume (PDF), and any relevant documentation such as a cover letter, or other supporting documentation (PDF) ready upon start. Instructions are provided.

Design Womb is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.
U.S. Applicants. Must be legally allowed to work in the U.S. For more about Design Womb: designwomb.com.
[email protected]