Gdusa award winning creative agency cannabis food branding packaging design

November 17, 2022

Design Womb 2022 GDUSA Package Design Winners

Guju indian sauce branding food packaging design1

Out of this year's 2500 entries, Design Womb takes home 3 wins in the GDUSA American Package Design Awards Competition for our cannabis branding and food packaging design.

Happi Cannabis

We helped bring Michigan's first-to-market cannabis infused sparkling water, with Happi. Happi is redefining THC-infused beverages. The company believes health and happiness go hand-in-hand.

Guju Kitchen

We partnered to launch Guju, a woman-owned food startup with a simple mission to make at-home meal prep easier and bringing delicious Indian flavors into everyone's kitchen. We delivered a brand identity and vibrant food packaging design.

Copow Meal Delivery

We partnered with Copow, a colorful meal delivery service and start-up to launch their beautiful meal delivery website with a bright brand identity, a name that packs a punch, strong messaging, and a colorful seasonal food packaging design system.

Nicole LaFave

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