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Alli is a New Englander who decided she liked the other coast so she moved to San Francisco. Her Connecticut roots make her a natural schmoozer and she understands the importance of building and nurturing client relationships, but her adopted California vibe led her to balance work with play, deadlines with date nights, and computer time with beach time.

Alli's primary way of working with producers is through Retail Ready, her online course for food businesses who are already in production and are looking to build & grow in wholesale. Sign up for her free masterclass.

She specializes in working with food industry clients including: coffee roasters, cookie bakers, chicken farmers, fresh-pressed juiceries, tequila bars, barbecue restaurants, small corner stores, award-winning specialty food stores, and large-scale supermarkets. She also helps producers with wholesale strategy, and assists brick and mortar spaces with management training and grocery operations.

When not working, you can find her eating avocado toast, riding her bike, and drinking margaritas (usually in that order).

San Francisco, California


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"Winging it isn't a long-term solution."

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